Steve Charles

They say that necessity is the mother of invention but for Steven Charles the ongoing discomfort of back pain was the catalyst for his discovery of the Pilates Method. After enduring years of back pain working in IT, Steve discovered the Pilates Method and immediately felt its benefits and realised that he didnít need to endure ongoing discomfort, and is now a passionate advocate for the Pilates Method and its many benefits.

"Discovering Pilates was like waking up all the parts of my body that had been sleeping for a long time. After many years sitting behind a desk, I realised that I had been putting up with an underlying level of pain and discomfort that just didnít need to be there. Sometimes our bodies need retraining to correct all the bad habits that we pick up along the way. Through my practice of the Pilates Method, I am much more aware of how my body works and feel fitter and healthier than I have in my whole life."

After studying musculoskeletal anatomy with the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy and completing the full Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) course of 540 hours, Steve made a life changing decision and left the security of his full-time job to explore a new career in teaching the Pilates Method to others, and in 2009 founded Studio 6 Pilates.

As Founding Director of Studio 6 Pilates, Steve is passionate about sharing his knowledge of anatomy and the Pilates Method with his clients. He and the Studio 6 Pilates team welcome all levels from complete beginner to advanced and encourage you to get in touch to discuss your individual needs.