Pilates Method

The Pilates Method was pioneered and developed in the 20th century by Joseph H. Pilates as a total body conditioning program. The Pilates Method focuses on creating a strong 'centre' by strengthening the abdominal muscles and aligning the pelvis, shoulder girdle and spine. This enhances posture and body awareness.

At Studio 6 Pilates we embrace the six principals of the Pilates Method:

1 Concentration

We concentrate on the body as a whole because everything is connected. We analyse our foot positions, our pelvic alignment, our spinal posture and shoulder placement. We become aware of how we carry ourselves so that we can develop control and use our bodies better.

2 Control

Controlling the body involves learning how to carry and align ourselves better so we can achieve more and hurt less. From sporting excellence to how we drive our cars, how we sit or stand at our desks, how we can have easier pregnancies and how we pick up our grand kids.

3 Centering

Centering is the engagement of our core muscles. We learn how to use the pelvic floor to achieve engagement through the deepest of abdominal muscles, creating strength and stability in our every day activities.

4 Precision

Precision in training enables us to isolate and strengthen deeper stabilising, supporting muscles. Ensuring we stretch and train specific muscles to restore balance and alignment in the body, without aggravating any pre-existing conditions.

5 Flowing Movement

We move in Pilates at a breathing pace, allowing the mind to concentrate on the quality of movement, encouraging control of the limbs whilst you learn to engage your core. Through flowing movement Pilates encourages development of longer, leaner muscles without developing bulk.

6 Breathing

Breath sets our pace in Pilates, it provides the oxygen for the brain to concentrate and the muscles to perform as we learn to control the body. The breath is an important tool we use to focus our strength and achieve better core engagement whilst we are in motion.

Those who practise the Pilates Method experience improvement in flexibility, coordination, body awareness, core strength and endurance. This results in long, lean muscles with greater strength through their entire range of movement.

The Pilates Method works the whole body while focusing on proper alignment, freeing you from poor postural habits while relieving tension and fatigue. Pilates develops a strong abdominal centre which helps alleviate back pain and improves performance in all aspects of life.

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